Lenovo Power Bank PB410 5000mAh – Silver

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Product description
Powerful yet Slim finish Power Bank

If you depend on Smartphones for your business schedules, for surfing net or gaming, for clicking pictures or watching your favourite movie then the battery sustenance of your phone becomes of primary importance to you. The Lenovo Power Bank PB410 5000mAh – Silver can solve your problem of recharging your most dependable device on the go. This elegant steel finish Power Bank is although power packed with capacity of 5000mAh or milliamp hours, it is surprisingly light weight.

High powered yet Portable
Lenovo has thoughtfully designed this Power Bank for you keeping in mind its charging capacity without compromising on the portability factor. The Power Bank weighs less than 120 grams and can be easily carried around. The capacity of 5000mAh means some Smartphones can be recharged twice over without plugging the Power Bank for its own charging. With this Power Bank in your possession you can stay connected on social networks, watch your videos, click selfies or indulge in your favourite game without worrying about battery discharge.

Slim and elegant design
The Power Bank has a sleek steel finish and can be easily mistaken for a slim Smartphone because of its stylish design. The product also comes with LED lights indicator to let you know level of Power drawn and time to recharge.

Other Specifications
The Power Bank has not one but two ports for output to cater to both high power requirement of tablets and Smartphones. It also comes with the feature to protect your phone or other gadgets from over charging. The dimension of the product is 18.7 cm by 11 cm by 2.5 cm


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